Happy Anniversary!

Today's post has been written by our guest author, Jotagenazar.

That´s it, Alpha Penguin is officially one year old! It was a year of fun, adventure, expeditions, jokes, supernatural events and extraterrestrial visits, and we couldn´t make it without our amazing community.

Our Anniversary Party is up, and the whole island is decorated, including special items and unique activities. Be sure to visit Snow Forts, The Creator will tell you when special activities are happening there. Search for candles hidden all around the island, unlock new items, meet new friends and be sure to wear the funniest clothes that you have!

Thanks for playing Alpha Penguin! Every single one of you is important to us, and knowing that you´re having fun with our island is what keeps our motivation. It was a very special year, and you are a part of it. Be ready for even bigger parties and adventures that are coming, and I see you around the island!

Waddle Around! We love you!