We Have Batten down the hatches!

Hello there penguin pals, I'd like to bring something to everyone's attention. Lately CPPSes have been hit by hackers trying to get their hands on sensitive information in people's games. We're bringing this to your attention today to tell you not to worry with Alpha Penguin, we take our user's security very seriously! If anything is to happen you can be sure we will be on our toes working against and fixing everything.

Let's talk a little about the back end. We use bcrypt to safely store our user's passwords. It's recommended by security experts due to it's resistance to being cracked. Even in the very unlikely event of our database being compromised, it would take billions of years to crack a single password. The game's server that you play on every single day follows only the best coding and security practices throughout the entire thing. I'd also like to mention our performance, we use Cloudflare to protect the site from attacks and also to have local copies of the game's files near the user. The game feels snappy no matter where you live! To put this all into more perspective I'd like to link you all to a YouTube video. Alpha Penguin is the UFO lol! Everything you do on the game is only visible to you and us thanks to HTTPS, ISPs can't see what you are doing, all they know is that you are visiting Alpha Penguin, nothing else.

In conclusion, AP is the most secure CPPS to date, and we will do our best to keep it that way. Thanks for being with us this far, we won't let you down!

-Waddle Around!