Internet Safety And How It Can Affect You

The internet is full of dangerous people and dangerous tricks. Parents worry day and night about their children on the internet being exposed to cyberbullying and or sexual predators, but you, you're an adult (or not, but still have self awareness) and you know what's safe and what's not safe on the web... until that one day. Out of nowhere you find your account hacked, filled with spam, adware or worse. Keeping track of your accounts is very vital weather you're someone whom has banking info on one or just someone in a community.

No matter what for your own safety never tell anyone any personal info about yourself online. The only instance where it would be okay is if you're purchasing something off Amazon or a source you trust... If it's a random man you've meant on Discord that should raise a red flag. One of the Discord moderators on our old server lost his account due to hacking to his account. My brilliant community manager who follows the same safety guidelines as I took actions into cleaning up the mess. When the user comes back, it's going to be very difficult to find out if it's truly him. It can happen to anyone even if you're using something more secure like Discord. It's not always the fault of the service but can be the fault of the user. Please change your passwords often and always use strong ones - use a password manager if you must, use different passwords for different sites, never share info about yourself, always check your sources, and most importantly be resourceful!

Alpha Penguin wants to help you stay safe online and keeping your personal info to yourself is something we can't stress any more than we have before. We brag about how safe Alpha Penguin is than virtually any other CPPS. One of the reasons is we use different passwords for everything and never share super private info. If you're one of our moderators who can approve penguin names you don't get access to our Data Base you get a separate web view for names only which is secure and locked for that user. Use this as inspiration to use different passwords for everything.

Please, the simple message...just please be safe on the internet.

Thank you.