Stay Tuned! #1: New furniture purchase system!

Hi there, penguin family!

Today, I have two incredible announcements to do! First, let me introduce to you the first post from our brand new series of posts called "Stay Tuned!", featuring the next changes, features and updates that will happen to Alpha Penguin. The second announcement is that, on this post, we will talk about the new furniture purchase system! This new system will let you buy more than one item at once, a feature that every penguin always wanted to see on the Furniture Catalog!

The new tab that pops up when you are going to buy furniture will have a preview of the item you are going to buy and the amount of coins you are going to spend.

We are already testing this new feature, so expect to see it implemented to the game in a near future! Our team worked a lot to bring a useful feature to the game, and we really hope you will enjoy it when it comes out!

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Hope to see you penguins on our next blog post and waddling around the island!

Waddle on!