Why does planting trees contribute so much to our environment? #TeamTrees

Hello fellow penguin pals! Today I am here to discuss a more important matter with you all. How many times did you wonder, why do people keep demanding that trees are being planted around the globe? I did a number of times and when I found out I started to be invested into this more and more. And recent events have made me realize that it's extremely important that having a balanced number of trees. If you don't know what I am talking about don't worry, this post will enlighten you all!

First reason why it is important that we plant and take care of trees is because of their important role in avoiding flood, tornadoes and other natural disasters. You could think of trees as a shield which stop or make natural disasters less worse due to forests beings dense. This saved millions of lives. However mass deforestation has been occurring in the past decade which has increased the number of natural disasters which led to homes and food sources, which took weeks to grow, being lost in just a few days.

A second reason why trees are an important factor to our environment is because of the millions of animals who call forests home. Without trees there would be no habitats and therefore no animals which would damage the food chain in a severe way. If a food chain is not balanced it cannot work properly, just like for example an electric circuit,if the wire gets cut at any point no more current will be delivered leading to it being useless. Again, deforestation is a risk factor to forests and it leads to habitats being destroyed, making that certain area lose a community of animals. This does not only affect animals though, but humans as well, who might see certain animals as a source of food, transport etc.

A third reason why trees are a crucial component to the environment is because of their air cleaning support. Studies show that neighborhoods that have a lot of trees planted have cleaner air with a higher quality. They do this by absorbing carbon monoxide (CO2) which is produced by many actions as well as our breathing. Crazy , right? After they absorb CO2 they release oxygen through photosynthesis. This is a massive support to achieving clean, unpolluted air and it can be done by planting enough trees.

A fourth reason why trees are important is because of their role in improving our day to day mood and mental and physical help. I know this might sound silly but is study after study proving that trees do make us happier. A test has been carried out where citizens of a neighborhood with trees and one few or without were analyzed. In the end results show that people who had trees around them were more refreshed and happy.Studies also show that urban vegetation slows heartbeats, lowers blood pressure, and relaxes brain wave patterns. Friendly advice, get yourself a tree and be happy!

In conclusion...Planting trees is a crucial for a healthy environment. This blog post has the purpose to raise awareness about planting and maintaining trees for as long as possible. Right now there is a fundraiser which had caught our eye. This fundraiser is dedicated to planting 20 million trees by 2020 and we,the Alpha Penguin team, fully support it. In fact I have donated $1 to the cause and I will be donating more when I have the possibility. If you want to get involved that would be amazing. Every little helps as every dollar donated plants one tree somewhere around the globe where trees are highly needed (expect Antarctica). Global Warming is a serious raising issue and we need to tackle it for our own good as well as for future generations. We only have one earth and we do not get a second chance at saving it. You can help by researching more about it as well as recycle , eat less meat and use products without palm oil and many more things can help, those are only a few examples.If you are interested in donating to #TeamTrees their official URL is https://teamtrees.org/

Waddle on and stay green!