Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for 3 great years of Alpha Penguin!

As you may know, Disney has been going around snipping the orange tree of all the Club Penguin remakes. This sadly means for us we have to close down our doors and revoke access to the game. But until then the #WaddleOn party is live on Alpha Penguin! And because Disney is a company I imagine they are closed for the weekend so the tentative shut down date is..

May 18th.

That being said, Alpha Penguin is still us, and we still want to be with you. Whatever happens in the future, we'll make sure to let you know. Make sure you have joined our Discord and are following us on Twitter as these things will become private once we've finish shutting down the game. If you've entered Discord, don't automatically leave. Wait till you are assigned a role as it will be private.

We shall rise again..

We've created an amazing community, and I am grateful for all that we have achieved (the Green Ghost Puffle, the HTML Friends List, Chat Suggestions, Jump To Buddies, and so much more). This was because we had amazing followers like you! I will never forget opening up the game while my two admins WindowsTV and Tootyta were sitting in the town welcoming all the new players as I watch the server with Johnny to make sure the server does not explode

Thank you so much! We won't ever forget you! If you need to fill your Club Penguin heart, be sure to check out CP3D! Their team is brilliant and worth checking out, and they have some exciting content planned this year!

So for the final time ever on Alpha Penguin,
Waddle Around!

(And Waddle On lol)