We Are Best Friends!

Hey penguin pals! How much do you love your friends? I love mine so much and now we've added a new way to interact with them!

We are the very first and the only CPPS out there to release the HTML Friends List. We are happy to announce that it is now up on the game and ready to be used!

What's included in the new list.

  1. You can now add mascots!
  2. You can see your buddies without even opening their player card.
  3. Easier to see notifications for online users and requests.
  4. It will never give you troubles! Unlike the one Club Penguin this one will never go offline and always be useable whenever you play.
  5. Set friends as your best friends so they can be featured to the top!
  6. And of course the official Jump To Buddy is here to stay!

My best friend.

I have friends...


I'm online!