Welcome to Alpha Penguin!

We're live! Nice. So, how are you? I'm SUPER PUMPED, Alpha Penguin is finally here (for registration)!

I can't believe it, after a whole year in secrecy we can finally reveal the first leg of our biggest project. You may be thinking to your self "What makes this private server different from the rest?". That's a good question, here at Alpha Penguin we intend on bringing you content you would expect to see in Club Penguin.

And because we're so excited for the release ... we want to hold it off even longer. Wait, what? Yeah, kind of you can register a penguin account but you won't be able to log in until the 23rd.

If you haven't created your penguin yet you can visit this link.

We hope to see you in-game!

-The Alpha Penguin Team

Waddle Around!