Happy New Year, penguin family!

Hi there, penguins!

2018 was a fantastic year to our community, and we did it together! Last year, we had an amazing expedition with Gary to help our alien friends get back home, we enjoyed a sunny and wet time on the island during summer, we played games together on every decorated part of the island during The Fair, we explored a haunted mansion with Gary and Rookie, and at the end of the year, we gave gifts to each other and celebrated the holidays together. It was a fantastic experience, and the AP team is really grateful for every penguin that decided to meet new friends and have fun around the island.

On this year, we hope to see more penguins around and have even more fun together with all the parties we are planning to do. We hope that you enjoyed the holidays with your family and friends and had fun waddling around the Alpha Penguin island. We wish a lovely and happy 2019 to the penguin family!

Waddle on, penguins!

jotagenazar and the Alpha Penguin team