Stay Tuned! #2: Our brand new Daily Challenges system is out!

Hi there, penguin family!

We are proud to announce that Alpha Penguin has a brand new quest system called "Daily Challenges", and there's even more content coming really soon!

Our team worked a lot on the past months to develop a exclusive quest system to AP, a system that can make the penguins interact more with each other and have new content and activities to do every day.

The Daily Challenges are already out, but this is just the first goal of what we are planning for the future. The only secret that I can tell you now is that the new challenges will feature special prizes and even more community tasks to complete with your penguin friends!

Don't forget to log on Alpha Penguin and check all the new content we have just released, including the new furniture purchase system, the quest system and the new Penguin Style catalog that just came out today!

I hope everybody liked this "Stay Tuned!" episode, and I hope to see you waddling around the island!

Waddle on!